Cafe - A platform for finding and building local communities

:bulb: Abstract:

  • A platform for finding and building local communities

:dart: Goal:

  • Promote Elastos technology and ecosystem

:fire: Motivation:

  • Build a dApp with all Core Elastos services (Runtime, Carrier, DID, HIVE, Mainchain, SideChain)
  • Build a free service to organize events and create a group with special interests

:nerd_face: Implementation plan:

  • Week 1: App structure/design
  • Week 2: Login Module (Elastos DID)
  • Week 3: Create a group / Join group module
  • Week 4/5: Create event / Join event module
  • Week 6: Search events module

:man_astronaut:t2: Team:

Jean-Michel Saulnier: Creative developer with more than 10 years of experience in software development (some of my previous clients: Porsche, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Paramount)

I already started to contribute to Elastos Browser as you can see here

I’m already in talks with Benjamin Piette (Elastos Browser developer team member) for technical support

If other developers would like to join, you are more than welcome


The first-round voting was started, you can vote for this proposal at the below URL.

Hi guys, the 2nd Round of voting has started, please vote your favorite projects.

You will be to able recieve a red packet after you have voted, if you only recieve a very small amount of ELA, please don’t worry.
As the wallet with the smallest amount of ELA in a red packet will receive another bonus red packet, containing10ELA at the end of the voting.

Voting URL:

At the same time, you can add VoteForMe mini program to your elephant wallet via this URL

Do you need to first deposit 10 ela in your wallet and then recieve the red packet after?

If you want to vote you must have 10 ELA in your wallet.

I feel that it is a pity that this dApp by Jean-Michel has not won in this second round. I am convinced that the future of social is Hyper local and community based. Facebook is losing traction because of the huge information overload, there is too much BS. On a professional level, LinkedIn is also losing out because even that so called “professional networking” platform is being killed by people and brands over-doing it.

I want this! And I think that the Orchard team can even help you translate this into 6 languages, which would be pretty neat.

Great EI_Jefe, I agree with your opinion.

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