ChatPal - Random Chatting app with strangers


  • A chat app where users can connect and chat with random people.


  • to promote Elastos Technology, like Carrier and show that fun chatting doesn’t need expensive servers
  • to be used and adopted by REGULAR users who don’t know or care about crypto.
  • aim to compete with other leading random chat apps on mobile


  • current FUN CHAT APPS now are all centralized and needs to maintain expensive servers to run. With this dapp, it can show how Elastos can solve this with minimal development and pure decentralization
  • It’s EASIER to MARKET because this type of chatting app is popular or common
  • It can also show how much traffic can Elastos Carrier can handle when a lot of users will use this dapp.
  • It will use Elastos Carrier and HIVE (see note), and if possible Elastos React Native
  • will compete with this similar centralize apps:


  • Week 1: mobile app frontend design
  • Week 2-3: mobile app backend Carrier Connection and chat feature
  • Week 4-5: setup data storage where the message will be retrieved once the user goes online
  • Week 6: MVP polishing and FINISHED


  • Wilfred Savino: Javascript Developer for 7 years with extensive knowledge in NodeJS, React, React Native

Future plans after MVP:

  • Trinity dapp
  • Elephant app version ( I’ve been talking with Songsjun of possible collaboration, pls see the Thread)
  • gamification design to better engage users
  • Video Call
  • ELA tip (send ELA to strangers)

NOTE: My first plan is to used HIVE, but based on my research it is still no available, and Ben also raised some good issue about using IPFS, I will make this my priority. For the MVP, my Goal is to show how easy to use Elastos Tech, by using Carrier and React Native, to achieve this I will temporarily use a centralized server.

Q: Isn’t that contradicting your goal of proving that it doesn’t need expensive server to run?

  • No it isn’t. Even though I will temporarily use a centralized server to manage the CARRIER ID’s, it is still much much more less expensive than running a full server where you need to handle the Chat Messages. It will still show how powerful Elastos Tech is, and I will also use React Native for this.

Credits: Thank you to JohnM for giving me this idea, I’ve been trying to contact him to support me on this one but I can’t reach him. I hope that JohnM or other developer who are interested can join me on this one. Thank you for supporting!


Sounds good! Do it will run in Trinity?
Have you used Hive and Carrier?

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I’m planning to release on Play Store first. Is it better to use Trinity? I’m not quite knowledgeable in Ionic. I’ve never tried to use any Elastos tech, but I’m familiar to what it is for. Is HIVE ready to use for development?

Hi, thanks for the proposal!

Can you please tell us more about how you are going to maintain the list of available carrier addresses for chatting? How to pick a random address among them?

If you store signed in users carrier addresses in a hive file, are you aware that the IPFS hash changes every time you edit it? Then how can users retrieve the latest hash version?


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Hi guys, the 2nd Round of voting has started, please vote your favorite projects.

You will be to able recieve a red packet after you have voted, if you only recieve a very small amount of ELA, please don’t worry.
As the wallet with the smallest amount of ELA in a red packet will receive another bonus red packet, containing10ELA at the end of the voting.

Voting URL:

At the same time, you can add VoteForMe mini program to your elephant wallet via this URL

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You’ve raised good points. To be honest, I’m not quite familiar how HIVE works, and based on my research it is not yet stable, I will find a way to this issue along developing this project, I’m thinking of using smart contract to solve this issue but It’s just a theory. MY MAIN GOAL here is to use Carrier and React Native. For this MVP I will reduced the scope by temporarily using centralized storage for Carrier DID. I will put your issue as one of my priority. Thank you for asking this good questions

I love this idea, we are implementing chat function, maybe we can do something together.

For voting, I think you need to invite more people to support you.

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Thank you SJun! That would be a big help, we can do something much better together. Can we talk and brainstorm on Telegram? That would be nice!

Yes I will advertise this with the community. I’m new to Dapp development so a guide from an expert like you would be a great help.