dApp to Incentivize Grassroots Marketing and Social Media Engagement

Some people complain about the lack of marketing about Elastos. Here is an idea that might provide a possible solution. Let’s incentivize marketing and social media engagement by creating a dApp that can make it transparent how much “reach” a post has, and to reward high quality engagement with ELA.

For example, if someone wanted to create a marketing campaign to raise more awareness of Elastos (or any other topic, but let’s say Elastos for this example) – they could send a certain amount of ELA (let’s say 2500 ELA) and specify how to distribute the reward (for example, the best performing post earns 1000 ELA, the 2nd best performing post earns 500 ELA, the 3rd best performing post earns 250 ELA, etc.)

Then, anyone who wants to earn ELA can write content on Twitter or a blog post or any other sort of social media. The dApp measures the “reach” of the post (high quality engagement) and transparently determines the winner (which post earned the most real pageviews, or which post led to the most “conversions” or some other metric of success).

After a predetermined length of time (30 days?), the ELA is paid out to the winners, and everyone can see the results. Thus, more grassroots marketing is accomplished, and incentives are provided to get more individuals to spread the word about Elastos.


I like this idea. It reminds me of https://beta.bounty0x.io/bounties/1815513
a platform that lets you create bounties for any project.
Elastos would be a more sucure home for a platform like this.

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