ELA - Blockchain powered password & passphrase manager

Centralised password managers are not fail proof. With increase in blockchain adoption there are too many passphrase to remember. Storing them in a secure place is a challenge.

Create a mobile app with ELA wallet inbuilt. Users should be able to create vaults within the app where the sensitive content like passwords and passphrase will be encrypted with the private key and / or user provided password and written to the ELA blockchain. Hence there will be one passphrase that the user wants to keep secure which the ELA wallet in the app. This passphrase along with the user provided password would help them to read and decrypt the other password or passphrase information from the blockchain.

Suba R: Full stack developer & designer with more than 8 years of experience. Please find my work at www.iamsuba.com

PoC is already ready. Front end development is in progress. Please find it at https://youtu.be/mFMfqg3FBfE
1st week: Complete front end development in React native for both iOS and Android.
2nd week: ELA wallet implementation with ability to send and receive funds.
3rd week: Password/Passphrase storage method implementation.
4th week: Testing and Bug Fixing. Submit to App Store marketplace.

Revenue: To write to the ELA blockchain we need ELA, as a service provider we will charge 20% of the total transaction fee involved.


The passwords storage the blockchain? It is risk, if users lost their private key, they will leak very much data and privacy.

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Writing something on a blockchain makes it public. Even using encryption it would still be risky and unsecure, Blockchain is a PUBLIC DATABASE. Storing these kind of sensitive data shouldn’t be done on a blockchain. That’s my thought on this. You can give more explanation, maybe I missed something


A controversial maybe, but still captivating idea…

DID can have saved properties, but nowhere can I see a description of how many kb of data we can keep there.
Anyone know this?

It could be treated as a miniature, encrypted partition, with 100% uptime and somewhat more secure than Dropbox, for example.
Because no government could order the shutdown of this data storage service :wink:
And compared to ipfs, no one will suddenly change their minds about selling disk space and the data will not disappear.

Our PCs are, in some respects, publicly available if they are connected to the internet and if they are poorly secured.
Some users encrypt partitions on the hard drive even if the operating system is secure Linux…

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Yes, isn’t that the idea of blockchain. You own, you control.

You are correct, its a public database. But I would like get your opinion on it. Encrypting with a private key and an optional password for encryption, I think it cannot be decrypted. Of course there have been some fear over the possibilities of quantum computing able to decrypt them in the future. It has to be done quantum proof down the line. As @songsjun mentioned, if a user loses his private key / master passphrase everything is lost.

But right now everyone has around 10-15 private key or passphrase to take care of (At least I have). And there is no reliable storage space with ease of access. Honestly I store them in cloud drive, email etc… But I know even with great security these platforms can be hacked anyway.

I could write them in a paper and store it in a safety locker. but it doesn’t gives me the access whenever I want.

I agree there are some limitations, risks and drawbacks on it. I would be pleased to hear more about those comments and improve this thing.

thanks again for your comments.

thanks a lot @zbig001
// It could be treated as a miniature, encrypted partition, with 100% uptime and somewhat more secure than Dropbox // - Exactly. But I am gonna start from passwords and passphrase as a start and go fo more stuff down the line.

Awesome idea, glad its pass PoC :wink:. Feel free to get inspired by my idea from CR suggestion https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/5c4729d401d0df00aff689bb

Also, I would recommend using Hive as storage of data, encrypted by DID.

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As for lost PK / password, I have Safe heaven suggestion https://www.cyberrepublic.org/suggestion/5c47271641d05500af56118b

It would be great feature :wink:

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Here is some tech doc for you, maybe you need it.

Write Data to the DID sidechain

Read Data from the DID sidechain

DID Explorer

Of course you can write password to DID sidechain, but I worry for leaking.
I have another idea, we have provided read/write Rest API for DID sidechain, you can write something to it. E.g A decentralized Twitter?

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I always wanted to build a memo.cash version for Elastos. Interesting will definitely explore it. Thanks for sharing.

This is very cool idea. What app did you use to create the proof of concept video?

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The first-round voting was started, you can vote for this proposal at the below URL.

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Sketch + invision app. Development happening on ReactNative

Good idea. You have my vote and support

The voting has ended. We are doing the final checking. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The first round voting:

The all votes:

Congratulation you are the winner of the FundmyDapp competition , we will support your project with1500 ELA paid in three installments . But first please give us some information about you and your team.

  1. ELA address, for receiving the ELA.
  2. Your team members, name, Email, Github, role.
  3. The SNS account of your team members all. Includes Telegram, Twitter/Facebook/Wechat or others, if you have, we will only accept existing accounts, not new accounts.

Please supply this infomation as soon as possible.

After done this, please use your ALL SNS accounts to share a news about FundMyDApp for proving it is yours.

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Thanks for support.
I will send this info to your inbox.



Thanks to you and the community for selecting this project.
Please find the info you asked for below,

1. ELA Address

2. Team Members
Name: Suba Radhakrishnan
Email: subakumaran@live.com
Github: https://github.com/iamsuba
Role: UI/UX Designer and Full-stack developer

3. SNS Account
Telegram: https://t.me/iamsuba
Twitter: https://twitter.com/driftersince89

This will be project’s GitHub repo https://github.com/iamsuba/devault-ela

Thank you.
You have 6 weeks for your work. The first weekend is Nov 10 (Beijing Time), we will send the first 500 ELA to you. We have no special requirements, but we need to know you are working.

BTW, The 3rd weekend is Nov 24. The 5th weekend is Dec 8.

Because this is the first Round, You can delay one week.