ELA doctor appointment Dapp

Request to design a global ELA Dapp for booking appointment schedule with doctors/dentists.

This appointment schedule booking Dapp should be able to perform below functions:

(1) Do online booking for doctor appointment schedule.

(2) Make advance partial payment fee for booking. This is for patients commitment to turn up on time as per scheduled booking time table.

(3) Capable of making full payment for consultation fee and other medical fee; payment by using either crypto token or local fiat currency.

(4) This booking Dapp is able to do “re-schedule”
new appointment time slot and feedback to patient immediately; due to doctors sometimes have to attend emergency cases on duty.

(5) This doctor appointment Dapp is able to link up with hospital computer terminal to access patient record files.

(6) This doctor appointment Dapp should incorporate some incentive functionality to attract doctors to use them.

(7) Allow to charge patients with USD10.00 fee for life to registration and use this Dapp.

(8) This Dapp should has a logo or symbol for easy identity mark for new user to know its availability at each local hospital reception area.

This Dapp can improve time management efficiency for major hospitals world wide.

Also help patients to solve unnecessary long hours waiting time to see doctors.

If this Dapp is available in the market, do you want to try it ?


I think this is a good idea.
You can use the smart contract to create a schedule for the customer.