ELA Sound Garden

Bedroom produced music relies largely on sharing music through social media such as Facebook and Instagram and music platforms which stream music such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Bandcamp. Recorded music, especially bedroom produced and independent music is regarded as an internet industry. With ELA Sound Garden we’ll have the first all-in-one music platform for the new internet that Elastos envisions.
ELA Sound Garden would be an ecosystem for music producers (amateur/professional) and music lovers a like, to connect, collaborate and sell music and associated services. A music marketplace where financial (smart contract backed) transactions are made using ELA (this could be expanded to other cryptocoins if convenient, e.g. NEO, ETH, BTC,… ).

These are the pillars for this ecosystem:

  1. Connecting
  2. Collaborating
  3. Rating
  4. Sharing


People (music producers and consumers) can create an account in the ELA sound garden (with Elastos ID), detailing in your user profile if you have any musical skills or just what to consume (stream, buy) music. For producers or music groups, there should also be the possibility to create a musical Elastos ID.

Trough the platform, the users should be able to search for musical groups or styles that they like. The professional or amateur music producers should be able to look for people with the skills that they need. For instance, people with mixing or mastering skills, people that can deliver nice chord progressions and so on. Maybe you want someone to design your music cover or someone to help you with a music video/animation. Anything or anyone to do music in whatever form should be on the platform. A good search engine (+ filtering options) is important.


Let’s say you need a vocal for your production, or you need sample of someone playing the saxophone. Maybe you’re a rapper looking for a beat. Or you are a musician looking for other musicians to form a decentralized musical group.
If you are just looking for a musical service (mixing/mastering/finishing music, getting a musical sample), you could pay a one-time ELA fee.
If you are a decentralized musical group, you can sell or stream your music through this platform and share revenue (baked into a smart contract).
You could create a decentralized record label and sign these decentralized groups and artists.

Rating and gamification of the platform

Music lovers can rate the music or the music producers that they love.
Music producers that sell a lot or that get a lot of streams can get some kind of rating also a rating system for the musical services rendered should be implemented. Say, I’m a rapper that bought a beat from a producer and I’m happy with the service, I could give him 5 stars for instance.
Also we could gamify a review system.


Just like Bandcamp or Soundcloud you can share your music. People can download your music for a predefined price or you can let them set the price they are willing to pay. It would be interesting if we could find a way for producers to earn ELA from people just streaming their music through the platform.

For more inspiration see Ujo Music on Ethereum


Like the idea, could you elaborate what problems you are trying to solve?

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I’m a bedroom producer myself and I’ve always been interested in collaborating with other musicians, whether it be rappers or musicians that can at some flavour to my beats. However how and where do I meet these people? Where online can I connect and collaborate (by exchanging music files via Elastos Hive) with musicians from all over the world? There is no platform for this (as far as I know). ELA sound garden could be this meeting and collaboration place.

When I have produced I CD, I must go through third parties to get my music on Apple Music or Spotify. I have to pay these third parties and when I get my music streamed, I only get peanuts as musician. For every 1,000 plays, an unsigned artist can earn $6.40 from Apple Music and $3.80 from Spotify, but YouTube only pays out $0.60 per 1,000 streams. Bandcamp allows you to put your music for free on their platform, but still they collect a 10-15% revenue share. In conclusion, it is difficult as DIY musician to get paid a fair price for your work. Within the ELA sound garden marketplace, fans would be able to support musicians directly by buying (using cryptocurrency) digital downloads of the music, streaming the artist work, tip the artist, by merchandise (t-shirts, special musical editions, digital collectibles). Artist would be able earn 100% of the sales and tips. A new economy, involving visual and other types of artists, could be build around this eco-system.

How can I register my music without a third party? Music registration (recorded on the blockchain) could happen with my ELA DID.

The objective is to remove all middlemen (which are many in the music business) whom all take their cut, leaving the artist with barely anything. I think this falls perfectly within the capabilities of Elastos.

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Looking forward to see this product go live.


kompoz.com might be a centralized version of what your thinking of. I’ve used it and found it fun and useful

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Hello Garnet, very happy to see you on here.
Maybe you can give them more advices.:smile:

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Wow, thanks Garnet, this is really nice!!!