ElaMail - A Decentralized Email Service

Use Elastos technology (Elastos carrier, DID,…) to build a completely decentralized email service that will allow the users to have a full control over their private data.
ElaMail users can either use Elastos DID as email addresses or addresses in the following format […] @elamail.com, and that will be linked to a unique DID.

Within ElaMail, the users can also chat, have voice or video calls using the Elastos Carrier technology.


very good!i hope this kind of mail should be produced as soon as possilble!so we need not to change email address constantly!


I would really like to see a decentralised email service come to life with this. Its a massive project but good to see the MVP having simple email exchange features coming life.


How to paid-for Decentralized Email Service?

Good idea indeed. We currently rely too much on Google/Gmail to keep our e-mail safe and private, but are they really safe and private? Elastos tech could solve that problem.

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