Elanote - Note Taking app like Evernote


  • a elastOS/trinity notebook dapp that you can use as notes, todo list, planner, journal, organizer and store it in HIVE.


  • To help elastOS onboard users, by providing a familiar app that they know and use
  • To provide decentralized solution for note taking apps
  • To compete with the current CENTRALIZED note taking apps like Evernote
  • To promote elastOS / Trinity
  • To promote Elastos technology and ecosystem


  • Note taking apps (like Evernote and similar apps) is one of the MOST POPULAR and DOWNLOADED apps on Play Store. By developing a COMMON and FAMILIAR app, onboarding and adoption of elastOS will be easier. PROVIDING users with apps that they ALREADY KNOW and USE makes adoption more easier, that is why HanDyApps will develop ELANOTE.
  • PROBLEM: all popular note apps are centralized, all data are stored on a server, that is why peopler are still afraid to store confidential data like your personal information.
  • SOLUTION: Elanote, where you own your notes and only you can access the data, you can store personal information like you journal without worry.

MVP Features:

  • Take down text notes
  • Can create TODO list
  • Can create DID Account
  • Can store in HIVE
  • Data encryption and decryption
  • Account logout
  • Account Recovery


  • Week 1-2: UI design
  • Week 3: DID integration
  • Week 4: HIVE integration
  • Week 5: Data encryption and decryption
  • Week 6: Debugging and polishing

After MVP Roadmap:

  • Planner theme
  • Journal theme
  • Android version
  • Attach Images on notes


  • John M: Mobile App Developer with more than 6 years of experience, knowledgeable in server-side programming and web app development

The idea is very good, but I have a question.
Where is the data storage? Hive or Blockchain?
They all can’t be modified, how to solve it?

That’s a good question, honestly I still don’t have a lot of knowledge on HIVE, but from what I know you can use VERSIONING/COMMIT feature, where you can add link to the old version to the new version odf the files, that’s one of my approach. Or I can store the new hash file on the users DID and encrypt it, everytime there’s a new version, it will change the hash address on the DID. I’m open for suggestions if there’s better approach, I’m curious also how chatting dapps will solve this

Congratulation you are the winner of the FundmyDapp competition, we will support your project with1500 ELA paid in three installments. But first please give us some information about you and your team.

  1. ELA address, for receiving the ELA.
  2. Your team members, name, Email, Github, role.
  3. The SNS account of your team members all. Includes Telegram, Twitter/Facebook/Wechat or others, if you have, we will only accept existing accounts, not new accounts.

Please supply this infomation as soon as possible.

After done this, please use your ALL SNS accounts to share a news about FundMyDApp for proving it is yours.

Thank you to all who supported this project. Here are the requested information:

1. ELA Address: Ecghdk9DN72TVAbGMKgWvjfKHAHupgjaH4

2. Team
Name: JohnM
Email: handyappslab.dev@gmail.com
GitHub: https://github.com/handyappslab
Role: Mobile App Developer

3. SNS
Telegram: https://t.me/JMarcus
Telegram Channel: t.me/handyappslab
Twitter: @jmarcus_dg

nice to see you again :slight_smile:
The first 500 ELA has been sent

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Elanote Update

Elanote is available now to download on elastOS DApp Store

Current version features:

  • user can add notes
  • user can edit notes
  • user can delete notes
  • basic UI features


  • HIVE storage
  • DID login


We have sent the second 500 ELA to you. Come on brother, see you in the elastOS


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Hi bro, how about your project now? Do you have any update?

Sorry if this update got delayed. I’ve encountered technical problems on elastOS and affected my MVP features, I will explain it later.

But here’s the new update:

Technical problems:

  • I’ve studied elastOS HIVE and DID Plugins for the past weeks. The problem is as of now, it’s not possible for third party dapps (ie. Elanote) to issue its own credentials on a user DID. Even we can upload a file on HIVE it’s not possible to have an “ACCOUNT RECOVERY” feature using DID if we can’t save the HIVE file hash inside user DID.
  • as I need to continue developing Elanote, for now TEMPORARILY, I need to focus on other part of the project like the UI Features, Editing Functionalities, etc.

Post MVP Features Phase 1:

  • Enhance UX design
  • Separate TODO pending and completed tasks
  • Add “TODO text” (Text with checkbox) on Notes
  • Attach Images on Notes

Completed features:

  • DID Login
  • TODO List
  • Take down text notes

Delayed features:

  • Data Encryption and decryption
  • Can store in HIVE
  • Account Recovery

As soon as this features are available on elastOS, I will add it ASAP!


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It’s great, I have installed.
Thanks bro, looking forward your next update.

We have sent the 3rd 500 ELA to you. Good luck.

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Here are this week updates:

Looks very good, we will start the final voting, hope you can win again:wink:

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Elanote MVP Video

Hi lucky boy, congratulation on your winning the final grande.
We have sent the award to your address. Please keep going, see you next time.


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