#FundMyDapp - How To Login Using The Elephant Wallet

Before you will be able to submit your dapp or vote, you will need to download the Elephant Wallet from Google Play or IOS App Store. https://elephantwallet.app/

Once downloaded please remember to write down, check and keep your seed words in a safe place.
Once you have wrote down your seed words and password you will now need to enter your username, email(you may have to use Gmail) located at the top of the profile page.
Then log into https://discuss.elapp.org/ where you will be sent a confirmation email (please check your spam folder).
Click the confirmation link and that’s it, you are now set up to partake in the #FundMyDapp Competition.



步骤1. 下载安装大象钱包,链接是 https://elaphant.app
步骤2. 在大象钱包里配置nickname和email
步骤3. 在网站上点击 Log In 即可登录,如果是在pc web,可以扫码登录,如果是在手机上,会自动提示确认登录。

Important note, just view this website does not require sign-up or sign-in.

If you want to initiate a proposal, topic, reply content, you need the steps are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install the elephant wallet, the link is https://elaphant.app
Step 2. Configure nickname and email in the elephant wallet
Step 3. Click “Log In” on the website to sign in. If you are on the PC web, you can scan the QR Code to log in. If you are on the mobile, it will automatically prompt to confirm the login.