#FundMyDapp - Questions

Feel free to ask any questions

Is it okay to resubmit the ideas that didn’t win from the last round for the next round of submission?

yes, of course, in fact, every time voting will include all non-win projects.

Great! And is it possible for a team be funded multiple times? Example: Idea A won the first submission. The team submit another idea for round two Idea B, and won. Is that possible?

There is no limit of how many project submissions a developer/developer team can submit .So it is possible a dev team can be funded for more than one project.

I have a dapp idea that I want to develop for a long time now. But when I checked the Elastos Academy website, they already gave it as an elastos use case. Can I still submit as my own idea?

Hi Hunter
We will find out and get straight back to you.

As long as no one has implemented it, you can.

Do I need to disclose my real name and identity?

It’s not must. We don’t like normal KYC, we hope to see more your data from the blockchain.

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Can we use the Eth Sidechain before the development period starts? Most of dapp ideas needs smart contract, but the eth Sidechain is still not ready.

It’s ready, everybody can use it. Anybody has any question who can ask me.

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I’m confused, I asked on Elastos Developer TG Group awhile ago if Eth Sidechain is available now for dapp development and Benjamin said it’s not yet available. But that’s great to know

I see. There is currently no large-scale use, but some developers have already developed projects based on sidechains, and if you are experimental projects, you can use it.

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Here is the development resource, included ETH sidechain resource, please view it.


I see that it is an updated link. I didn’t know elastosjs. Thank you!

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