#FundMyDApp - Statement on the cancellation of certain invalid votes in the FundMyDApp event

Thanks to the support of community developers and community members, the first round of voting received 11 projects and nearly 900 votes, which gave us great encouragement, we will continue to work hard to make the following process.

However, after our review, we found that there are some invalid votes. We will upgrade the voting procedure today to filter out invalid votes. We do not want to guess and deal with the source of these invalid votes. We believe that the blockchain will record everything. And then we will continue to upgrade the program to ensure that the community will create a fair and transparent voting activity.

Rules for the determination of invalid votes:

  1. All votes must be signed by DID, the signature must be validated, and the content format must be correct.
  2. At present, only the elephant wallet can provide such a signature of the vote, and the DID generated by the elephant wallet will leave information on the ID chain. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, the DID will be marked to be invalid.