#FundMyDApp - The first round of the voting result

Hi, guys, thank you very much for your participation. We have encountered some problems with the voting process. Unfortunately we have found fake votes. As a result of this we have added a script to the voting process to help filter out the fake invalid votes, this has caused the program to slow down but we will improve the voting program for the round 2. We now have the final results. Below is the voting results first round of the FundmyDapp competion, and we believe that these projects have accrued the votes fairly, within the competition rules.

JohnM: 3GEN - Decentralized 2FA, 267 votes
111: A tracing system for the wine industry, 210 votes
Driftersince89: Blockchain passphrase manager, 203 votes

All project submissions will automatically be submitted to the next round of voting.

We will now prepare a red packet for all voters. As mentioned before, for every 100 votes there will be 10 ELA added to the red packet. We received 921 valid votes, so we will create a red packet worth 90 ELA. All voters are entitled to a share of the redpacket .

The second round of the FundmyDapp submissions is already open, and will run until 19/11/19.

Specific information about the first round of voting can be found here: https://voteforme.elaphant.net/didVote.html?hashStr=0e9c43aa69926650fa5215e5b011a87bd31c248f011e03d20c80d5bea1e92cb1
All voters information can be viewed here, and will be used to set who is entitled to a share of the red packet.

All original voting information can be viewed at https://explorer.elaphant.app/did_detail/ibxNTG1hBPK1rZuoc8fMy4eFQ96UYDAQ4J.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the FundmyDapp competition, whether it’s a Dapp submission, community idea or simply voting.


Hi voters, your red packet is coming, please opens below URL to get your awards and thanks for your votes.


The red pocket link is not working for me.

time out:crazy_face:

Is it too late to submit a dapp idea now that round 2 is closed?