#FundMyDApp - The second round of the voting result

Hello everyone,

1.Unfortunately it has come to our attention that there has been alot of fake wallets that have been voting. We believe this is against the spirit of the competition and unfair towards other submissions. So we have no alternative other than to delete these votes. You can check out the fake votes in the link below, their DID’s are written in red.
2.We also found that a lot of new wallets were created after the start of Round 2.We also feel this is against the spirit of the competition, so votes from the new wallets can’t exceed 20% of the total votes. Any more than 20% have been removed.
3.Because the Redpacket has expired, unfortunately some votes will not recieve a redpacket.
4.We will send 10 ELA to the person whose wallet recieved the smallest amount in a redpacket during the voting stage.

So the final winners are:
stest: Use any coins/tokens to pay(随意付) 76 votes
Garnet: Starwire - Smart contracts assign profits for copyright 74 votes
Laku: A decentralized address mapping(去中心地址映射) 72 votes

Below are the details.

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Hi everyone, we are sending the 10 ELA special prize to this lucky boy. Thank you for your vote.