#FundMyDApp - The third round of the voting result

Hello everyone, thank you very much for supporting FundMyDApp. This round received 434 valid votes and selected three great creative projects. they are:
1.112- Question & answer game.
2.JohnM- Elanote, Note taking Dapp.
3.SignEase- Electrical signing and #blockchain storage Dapp.

After three rounds of voting, we have selected a total of 9 projects. About 6 weeks later, we will finalize the selection of these 9 projects and choose the 3 best projects. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to the progress of these Elastos creative projects.


Thank you Sjun, elephant team, and Enter Elastos! Who will choose the 3 best projects? If the Elephant team and Enter Elastos are the one who will choose, what is the criteria? Thank you!

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