Implementing Elastos in new global material tracking system for footwear production

Implementing Elastos in a material traceability system for an existing project ( to enhance both product quality and sustainable animal farming.

The Elastos Material Tracking System will make it possible for an end customer of a consumer product (here shoes) to trace the origin, quality and sustainability KPI:s of the material (leather in first case) used in the product. The system will consist of DApp client for Android (and further on iOS) for the main user role interfaces. With the DApp client different roles enter material data onto an Elastos Blockchain/Sidechain for each process step any material batch is passing: Farming à Transport à Slaughtering à Transport à Tannery à Transport à Shoe Manufacturing

Key User Roles/Clients/Interfaces


Transporter 1, 2, 3…


Tannery Processer


Key Material Data

Animal ID

Farm ID

Animal Art

Animal Age

Material Batch

Material Type

Material Quality

Transport 1 Distance, Departure, Duration

Slaughter ID

Slaughtering Date, Time

Transport 2 Distance, Departure, Duration

Tannery ID

Tannery Process Type

Tannery Process Date, Duration

Transport 3 Distance, Departure, Duration

Shoemaker ID


The main goal in to implement Elastos in a system that can be widely spread and used globally


· Develop the main global traceability system for leather material. Phase 1: A system MVP (estimated 3-400 development hours). Phase 2: Production ready system.

· Participating on established Blockchain events (such as Swedish Blockchain Association, Gothenburg Tech Week). Spreading knowledge of our project and the Elastos platform will grow our community.


By supporting this project with development of the material tracker on Elastos Blockchain we intend to deploy the main platform that will be used during long time and interface with many other systems and costumers. With a raising awareness for quality and sustainability we believe most of premium brand will be potential customers to prove their product material are genuine.

Our region Scandinavia has close to 78-82% smartphone penetration in a population of 21 million, ranked in the very top globally with also a very high level of non-cash payments. The region has strong entrepreneurial and development community with fruits such as Spotify, Skype, Klarna, DICE (Battle Field 1942), MySQL, Opera, Minecraft. There are also strong fashion brands such as H&M Group that are potential customers for the intended Elastos based system.

With this project we aim to establish a local development group that can take on new Elastos projects and continue to market the platform.

Supporting this project, we believe that the Elastos platform can receive high attention and could be spread widely as many customers could benefit in building API to their systems for integrating to own ERP or production systems.

Implementation Plan

Team Description

Current project team consist of 3 members (eventual recruit 1-2 more developers if needed):

Daniel Hallén – Gothenburg – Project Manager SW Development / Recruiter

· Daniel is an experienced Project Manager in several areas from Automotive to Energy and latest in Blockchain Project at NodeHaven (Decentralized storage and computation). Daniel will be project responsible for the SW Development parts, recruitment, employments and other management.

Josefin Liljeqvist – Stockholm – Project Manager Footwear Production

· Josefin is an award-winning designer and entrepreneur, founder of the Footwear brand. Josefin will be responsible for the functional requirement definitions, test and integration to production.

John Eriksson – Kalmar – Developer 1

· John is a young and promising developer with several live projects on his track record. Latest he participated in the NodeHaven Project.

TBD - XX YY – Developers 2/3 – To be recruited if needed & funding secured


jLooks good, but do you know that this campaign only 1500 ela and six weeks, can you implement a MVP?

Hi songsjun,

Yes, we know this competition has max cap 1500 ELA, but we will downsize a bit and select fewer functions in a MVP optimized for a 6 week development period.


Oh yes, should six weeks, I wrote it wrongly.
I am looking forward to your project.
I hope you can get enough votes.


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