Magic Shoes dApp Idea

Title name: Magical Shoes

Summary Description:

To make this happen, we will need several things:

  1. advance design shoes / with AI power

  2. mobile application with AI power (with simple exchange feature)

  3. token

  4. smart band / smart wireless earphone

  5. decentralized online shops

  6. healthy restaurants

  7. exchange

Let’s describe each of these numbers. Know how they will work with together like jet engine.

Description number 1:

First thing first: We need design an iconic style of shoes that looks something come from future by time traveling machine. That I can design it!

After that, we need to put a hardware AI chipset inside them. But, for what reason? The purpose of the chipset is measuring / counting person steps with 100% detection by location and GPS power! Also, we need to add an advanced feature to chipset like supercar engine mode! “Sport”, “street”, “mountain” etc…

Description number 2:

We need to create a related decentralized application for the shoes that show number of steps by mode!

People who bought these shoes, need to add their personal body information and what they eat usually. (Elastos security wall will care about information to not steal easily)

Then, the application with AI feature, will provide "special healthy roadmap " for each person according to their body information and food!

According to this:

Application will create a ranking page according to each country! Each country ranking will be Separate from others! So, people will see themselves ranking in their county!

Description number 3:

Each person will be rewarded by “magical shoes” tokens. Tokens will be given by person Ranking and number of steps with conditions, for example, mountain will reward more. Each person will see his/her tokens that earned from walking in the application!

One more thing: This is exactly looks like what “Bittorrent”, “Tron” want to create in future! Their plans are to reward people streaming and they will earn tokens like Instagram lives.

Description number 4:

We can add this hardware device for more advanced things like measuring heartbeat, wind speed and other advanced information too!

For smart band: Xiaomi, huawei, Samsung have something like this

For earphone: Bragi, Apple, Samsung have something like this

We can partner with them for this plan. Why not?

Description number 5:

Each individual human, will be able to transfer his tokens to decentralized online shops for buying health related things such as food, sport clothes etc. Look like, they are win these things freely by walking!

Description number 6:

We can partner with healthy restaurants in many different countries. People can go to these restaurants and eat freely by their earned tokens! Np, they will pay by these tokens!

Description number 7:

In third world countries maybe (number 5,6) force with problems, so people in those countries can change their tokens to BTC or USD;

Shoes design + shoes producing + prepare 500K - 1 Mil are the works that I can do them very well!

Design token + create ai hardware chipset + create ai application connect to shoes + create decentralized shops is the work for Elastos side.

If you have any questions, please contact Kirby in Elastos Telegram main chat!