New social media platform(no replicating or recreating the existing ones)

A social media platform which implemets the following
Self expression (Saying what you feel)
Creative freedom
And Not restrictive(internet neutrality)

Nowadays the world has become more and more connected but in a way this connectiveness using social media failed individuality of people so instead of going about social interaction this way where people being judged for their looks or ideology everyone could be themselves on this platform. Users could create their own avatars and use this to interact this new world.

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How to do? Can you show your solution? We must check it for proofing your can implement it.

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A user will set up their profile along with their avatar. With the encrypted and hashed form of their DID, and their profile will be stored in hive and when people follow or friend others they will be able to use their profile and add them to their friend list. Then will be able to communicate. And public posts will be stored on the Hive with encrypted DID with it(hashed). I might need some developers to help me though.