Ortier Wallet - Creating user friendly and Advanced Crypto wallet

Ortier is a technology company based from Toronto, Canada. My name is Nirujan I am the ceo and founder of Ortier, I have started my journey in 2015 in cryptocurrency.

I want to now build applications to help users understand what private keys are, how easy it to transfer and use money. Our goal at Ortieris to create an easily accessible mobile wallet for users to hold funds & play games! Wallet will be multi chain, multi coin with custom address and storage for files and contact information.


Stage 1 :
Users to create non custodial wallets to send, recieve funds.
Support multi coin and multi chain

Stage 2 :
Support dapps and lending platforms, games
Profile / eth domain /custom address /
Storage /chat/profiles

Stage 3 :
Exchange, swap bultin
Builtin defi
Black and white mode /app
New and advanced mode
Kids mode
Offline secure

Stage 4 the future :
Multi realtime payment (salary & employee)
Creating personal social coins and nfts
Creating games

I’m from Toronto and not much ppl are deep into crypto and the ones that are hates using bunch of these apps, yes there many apps we need to stand out, right now I have a good following on social media I teach and friends,

I want to create a wallet with key seeds where users own, easy to use and custom names and address, chat feature and contact list. Like the video I sent you

The extra add on will be the : Dai and mortgage protocol, help users and home owners earn money, alot of api and those we can connect,. Also an app is coming where you can say ppl like salary employee

Banking lending, exchange, games, chat, storage for files and media

Nft : collectibles, be able to share (show off), gift on chat with friends and group chat /stream

Kids mode : for kids to play those easy games and can block off alot of apps access

Most of the features we will add later with coders and funding, if we can make a beta prototype to show people we can get funds

Looking to add elastos, neo and other chains into the wallet to help build the economy!

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