SignEase - An electronic signing and blockchain storage & validation program


SignEase is an evolution of Bean Cloud, an electronic signing product that has been in operation for 3 years. SignEase is a mobile electronic signing and blockchain storage & validation product. SignEase is already connected to the Hangzhou Internet Court’s Judicial Chain and Sharder’s distributed storage & validation network. All e-contracts signed, stored, and validated on SignEase are also uploaded to the Judicial Chain and Sharder. SignEase was officially launched as a WeChat mini-program on September 2019. To date, over 3.8 million pieces of data are stored and validated judicially.

SignEase hopes to become part of the ELA ecology and store data and e-contracts signed on SignEase to ELA. ELA’s global influence, distribution of nodes, and large number of supporters will help ensure that the data and e-contracts signed on SignEase will have a wider influence and credibility.

Benefits to ELA & Ecosystem

SignEase is an electronic signing and blockchain storage & validation product that has been adapted commercially, it can realize the commercial use of ELA’s blockchain technology. SignEase allows business users and consumers outside of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community to further understand ELA. To date, SignEase has over a hundred business users and thousands of consumers. With SignEase connected to ELA, the market expansion and marketing of SignEase will greatly complement ELA as more people will also be acquainted with ELA.

SignEase will also utilize ELA towards the purchase of the electronic signing and blockchain storage & validation services it provides. This will provide commercial utility for ELA and establish a scenario for ELA as an everyday-use-token as every ELA holder can use ELA to purchase SignEase services.

If possible, SignEase hopes to become part of the top 36 ELA super nodes. Aside from introducing ELA to ordinary everyday use, SignEase hopes to contribute towards the basic implementations of ELA.


SignEase will first complete the technology docking with ELA and complete the on-chain storage:

a) Sign up for ELA address.
b) Calculate a file hash for contracts that are uploaded to the chain.
c) Create transaction and write file hash into transaction.
d) Sign transaction with private key; create and broadcast transaction with ELA’s API.
e) Record transaction to SignEase when blocks are generated from transaction.

Once the on-chain storage is completed, SignEase will iterate the project’s blockchain storage & validation module “StorEase” and will provide a UI display of on-chain storage & validation details on ELA. An authenticity inquiry and verification UI will also be provided. Clicking the relevant file hash on SignEase will redirect the user to ELA’s block explorer, the relevant file hash can also be viewed on the DID properties. As illustrated below:

After completing the on-chain storage & validation and authentication functions, SignEase will add ELA payment support to the SignEase top-up center. At that time, the monthly average price of ELA or within a certain period will be calculated and converted into the corresponding fiat amount. Aside from using fiat to purchase SignEase services, users can also use ELA towards the purchase.

The estimated completion time is 4-weeks:
Week 1 – 2: Iterating on-chain storage & validation
Week 3: Independent authentication functions.
Week 4: ELA payment support within the SignEase top-up center.

Verifying Results

Method 1: After completing the technology docking between SignEase and ELA, contracts signed on SignEase will be stored and validated to the ELA chain. Every ELA community member can login and use the SignEase mini-program to sign e-contracts. The transaction hash of the contract stored & validated on ELA can be viewed on the evidence process details page. The presence of the transaction can also be authenticated on ELA’s block explorer.

Method 2: The ELA transaction hash and storage transaction can be authenticated and verified on StorEase’s independent authentication tool. After clicking the ELA storage & validation hash, the user will be redirected to ELA’s block explorer and the user will be able to authenticate the transaction.

Method 3: After purchasing ELA, the ELA payment option will be displayed in the SignEase top-up center and the user will be able to purchase SignEase services with ELA.

Development Team

Liang Nian – Senior Developer with 4+ years of experience
Xiong Lang – Developer with 2+ years of experience
Ge Wei – Developer with 2+ years of experience
Wang Feng – Developer with 2+ years of experience
Dong Kun – UI/UX Graphical Designer with 5+ years of experience


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Liang Nian

Wang Feng

Ge Wei

Xiong Lang

Dong Kun


WeChat Official Account: 省心签

We are looking forward your work, the first 500 ELA has been sent.

Elastos news

SignEase has completed the technical docking with Elaphant Team. SignEase is already connected with the Hangzhou Court. Now all e-contracts have started to be recorded in the Elastos DID side chain. The on-chain authentication is recognized by the courts and can be used as judicial evidence for possible litigation disputes. In the first week after being lanched, SignEase has 700+ records on the Elastos DID side chain that has provided authentication services for 3000+ contracts.


Very impressive! Well done team! Great use case for others to follow.


Hi man, the community very loves you, your work is very amazing, so we sent the last two 500 ELA to you. Keep going.

Answers for the SignEase AMA are posted below.

Q1 - Congratulations on being the first few projects that utilize blockchain to change (disrupt) the previous methods of signing and storing contracts, and also congrats to being one of the first few to utilize Elastos DID sidechain to show adoption.

.How long have you worked with Hangzhou Court on this e-contracts?

Was it easy/difficult to explain the concept of blockchain or Elastos to Hangzhou court?

Can the e-contracts be applicable outside of courts? Can you give a few examples?

Your website allows for businesses to register, can the e-contracts be used in other countries?

A - Thank you for the kind words. We’ve been connected to the Hangzhou Internet Court’s Judicial Chain since 2018.Q1.

The Hangzhou Internet Court was already well versed in blockchain technology so we have no difficulties with any explanations. Aside from storing a copy of e-contracts in the Judicial Chain, SignEase provides a convenient way for businesses to sign e-contracts. Similar to other online document signing platforms, users can send e-contracts to their clients over WeChat for signing. Users will be able to access their contracts at any time via WeChat. Because the e-contracts are recognized by the courts in China, they’re as effective as contracts on paper, hence they’re as applicable anywhere else as with paper contracts.

SignEase is only available for the China at the moment, we’re definitely interested in expanding the platform to other countries but we hope to gain recognition and expand brand awareness within the Chinese domestic market first. If you are interested on expanding SignEase to other countries, please contact our team at: . We will develop and release a separate version.

Q2 - Why did you decide to work with/on Elastos?

A - ELA’s global influence, distribution of nodes, and large number of supporters will help ensure that the data and e-contracts signed on SignEase will have wider influence and credibility. In return, businesses and users from outside the cryptocurrency and blockchain community will also get to know about Elastos as they’re exposed to our platform and services. With the option of paying for our services with ELA, there’ll be greater utility for the coin and there’ll be a real life usage case for ELA.

Q3 - How come courts are receptive to this?

A - When the Hangzhou Internet Court was first established, their goal was to provide a convenient way for people to file arbitrations online along with other court matters. The traceability and immutability properties of blockchain allows data to become digital evidence for the court. The data hash will be verified by the Judicial Chain and then become admitted as evidence within the court. We noticed that it’s a perfect time to work with the court as our platform is a good complement to their system.

Q4 - What problem are you addressing in doing what you’re doing with Elastos?

A - Store e-contract data onto ELA, multiple backups will safeguard against data loss.

Support for ELA as a payment method, creating a real life usage scenario for ELA.

Improve SignEase’s brand awareness and credibility with the influence of Elastos and its community.

Q5 - What does the future hold for SignEase? What’s the next year look like?

A - We have a 3-year plan and our next main goal is market expansion and continue polishing our product. 2020 will be an important year for polishing our product and to achieve stability. We’re also actively trying to expand our number of clients within our region at this point and this will be one of our biggest goals for next year. Some of the industries we’re working with now include: e-commerce, e-finance, property/auto rental, education, and logistics. 2021 will be important for developments and we hope to expand our coverage to the entire domestic market. We hope to become the top mobile e-contract signing and blockchain storage and validation platform by 2022.

Q6 - How have you found building on Elastos?

A - Easy and smooth. SignEase just integrated a few APIs within the ELA chain to implement the e-contract storage and notarization. But we were confused about the ELA and DID accounts at the beginning, we hope to have a clear guide on distinguishing the relationship between ELA and DID or to be provided with an API to create/deposit DID accounts directly.

Q7 - Was ELA token used to record the contracts on the DID-chains?

A - Yes, SignEase will pay ELA tokens as fees to store the e-contract on the DID-Chain.

Q8. - How can the Hangzhou court use ELA-token if cryptocurrencies are still not allowed in China?

A. - The court will not be using the ELA-token, our users will have an option to pay for our services with the ELA-token, hence only the users will be using tokens.

Q9. - Are you primarily focused on the Chinese market?

A - SignEase is only available for the China at the moment, we’re definitely interested in expanding the platform to other countries but we hope to gain recognition and expand brand awareness within the Chinese domestic market first. If you are interested on expanding SignEase to other countries, please contact our team at: . We will develop and release a separate version.

Q10. - What are your target industries/institutions?

A - Any industries or institutions that require high efficiency and choose to replace traditional paper contract signing with e-contract signing is our target audience. At the moment, we’re providing services to mid-small sized enterprises; there’s a large number of these types of audiences and their number increases by day. They have complicated requirements and thus there aren’t many service providers for them. These enterprises are part of the blue ocean market. Also, some of the other industries we’re currently working with include: e-commerce, e-finance, property/auto rental, education, and logistics. We hope to secure competitive advantages for SignEase through product implementation, blockchain applications, and understanding the needs of mid-small enterprises.

Q11 - Which of these industries/institutions do you expect to be the biggest?

A - Different industries will have different levels of acceptance regarding e-contracts and there’s also the issue with timing. But we expect the e-commerce industry to be the current biggest industry because they’re dealing with magnitudes of orders per day, thus their e-contract usage is greater compared to other industries. What we can be certain about is e-contracts will become a trend in the future of contract signings. We welcome and encourage users from any industry to use SignEase services.

Q12 - What is your estimate of the potential size of the overall market you are appealing too?

A - China’s renowned third-party research institute, Anlysys, published the 2019 China E-Contract Market Analysis Report on October 28, 2019. The report implies the e-contract signing market is rapidly progressing the development stage. At the same time, the demand for electronic validation certifications are rapidly growing. The current market scale is experiencing an explosive growth and it’s already a 1.5 billion yuan industry in 2018. It’s estimated to become a 3.6 billion yuan industry in 2019, progressing at a rate of 129.9%. The e-contract signing industry is optimistically estimated to break 10 billion yuan in 2021.

Q13 - Are you considering broadening your product base using other Elastos services?

A - Yes, currently SignEase is collaborating with Elastos on blockchain storage, we’re hoping to explore other possible areas of collaboration.

Q14 - What is your “big picture vision” for SignEase?

A - We hope to become the top mobile e-contract signing and blockchain storage and validation platform by 2022.

Q15 - Are you running for crc?

A - CRC is one of our cornerstone investors.


Believe it or not, I once was the product manager facsimiles for a large company. The reason these things are still being sold has to do with the legality of it, faxed documents hold legal value while e-mailed documents are disputable.

This is why SignEase is so cool, if SignEase documents can replace Fax machines, you would open up a huge market.
SignEase would be 1000x cheaper, easier to use and many times better for the environment!

I’d love to see how I can help here!

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Hi, Tyro Lee and CR Press each donated 100 ELA to you, we put this 200 ELA in a red packet, and you can click the link to get it.
Thank you for your work and hope we can see your progress again soon.