Tome - A Decentralised Reader & Built-In Marketplace for Finite eBooks


Taking on the big guys, Tome is the answer to Amazon’s eBook monopoly, and the future of sovereign creative wealth for self- publishers.

Utilising the Elastos suite of services, simple PDF or ePub files can be published for the first time in finite quantities, determined by the publisher’s desire for scarcity in a smart contract. Additional parameters too can be set for resell, ensuring that the writer always receives their fair share, no matter how far removed from the original sale.

Not only is Tome a good deal for writers to discover their value again, it’s also good for consumers too. The ability to resell a PDF or ePub file, once read, allows for economies to emerge around particular, revered writers, or communities to form around genres.

A single copy of a public figures’ self-published secrets might be produced and sold to the highest bidder. With only several copies of a prestigious writer’s final book ever published, collectors might hold onto such an asset for long term value appreciation. With Tome, there really are ample opportunities for novel forms of written expression (pun intended).

Personal Thoughts:

I envision Tome with a simple, yet distinctly fantastic symbol of a book for its application. I also envision a future eReader (or perhaps Kobo open-source strategic collaboration) that was connected to the marketplace and allowed you to access your collection with DID from Hive. I’m not a developer but would love to be involved with the process or spearhead a team, as the intention would be to create something self-sustaining and everlasting.