Video sharing platforms

Port over basic functions of Youtube and utilize all the Elastos services

-Content producers gets paid based on minutes watched or custom set fees; perhaps limit the length of video in the beginning.
-Users can pay with ela
-Hosting data earns ela
-If a user hosts data he/she may be able to consume content on the platform for free.
-Advertising may be included in the future to balance out costs for users

-Random reputable active users (Jury) are selected each week to flag inappropriate content to be deleted (based on platform agreement). They may be paid a small fee for the service.
-Seperate general and adult content on two different dapps with different standards for appropriateness.
-The general platform will not have adult content and can be removed by Jury through majority vote.
-The adult platform will not have any underage or other illegal content and can be removed by Jury through majority vote.
-The jury on each dapp are independent of each other.
-CR committee may be given authority to shut down any dapp if it becomes a hub of illegal activity.

This can be applied to tiktok or instagram as well. Tiktok is very popular now and could be another project.

Let’s build a strong community and reputation for Elastos together!


Hi - have you started building this, or do you intend to, or is this just an idea st this point? Thanks, Chris

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Hi Chris, I would be very interested to learn the answer to your questions as well.

This would change the world!